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The Orion is the latest and most advanced product of its kind. A digital spectrometer with all of the features you would expect such as detector HV, pre-amp power, 80 Mhz 16 Bit sampling ADC, digital signal processing and filtering with a variety of shaping times in the PHA mode. Add to that a 64K display memory!

Now add to all of that, both USB and Ethernet communication, time stamp for each event down to 12.5 nanosecond resolution and a touch screen display on the front panel! There is no instrument on the market that can match these features. Especially since Orion is controlled by InterWinner, the most user friendly and advanced spectroscopy package on the market. Please click on the data sheet icon to view the many features too numerous to list here.

The Orion is available in desktop package as described above or in a NIM style package without an integral HV supply or touch screen display.